SPONTEX Textured Trendz

TEXTURED TRENDZ is an X-Generation technology that has revolutionized the world. It is a proven concept, "Synthetic Fiber Reiforcement". Synthetic fibers are fine filaments made-up of organic polymers, which when applied form a web-like structure, providing exceptional strength & lustre and with inherent water resistant properties it prolongs the life of structure, protects and preserves its aesthetics for years.

Research & Development: Years of continuous & innovative R&D in basic and applied research in paints and resin making technology backed by technical inputs from foreign consultants keeps us a step ahead from the rest.

Application: TEXTURED TRENDZ has the most versatile and easy application against brick masonry, cement plaster, asbestos sheets, gypsum boards, wood, ply, fiber board and even finely polished metallic surfaces. It is quickly drying, requires no additional priming, no curing and hence no inconvenience. It is fast replacing the conventional masonry finishes and stone tiling for its glow and ecstatic ambience.

Range & Shades: Aesthetics with versatility of texture and colour, we offer a new dimension in wall decoration. Fired by mystical imagination & creativity, Antique Art to customized geometrical designs of asymmetrical patterns with comprehensive spectrum of natural shades, complements the impeccable quality of TEXTURED TRENDZ in the architectural world.

Water Proof All Weather Finishes: Silicon Acrylic Emulsions with added quartz acts as an excellent water repellent, ensures colour stability and protection from rain, industrial dust, bio gases and other atmospheric pollutants. Adaptable to varied surface conditions and diverse climatic & ecological impacts of tropical regions, high rainfall, humidity and dry heat of deserts.

Durability, Washabiliy & Maintenance: TEXTURED TRENDZ are easily washable with water and any mild detergent. They are surfactant stabilized, hard, tough, flexible, high, abrasion, corrosion & scrub resistant. Their distinct reinforced protective layers prevents moisture penetration and subsequent dampness, carbonation, sulphonation, smear, stains, discolouration and blackening. While retaining the originality of shade & texture they facilitate a self cleaning process during rains. Being water based & devoid of harmful solvents, its enormous inherent advantages integrates into safe & easy self application, prompt drying, durability, and time & cost effectiveness in terms of lasting finishes with value for money and virtual zero maintenance.

Fire-Retardant, Safe & Eco-Friendly: TEXTURED TRENDZ finishes are fire resistant, odourless, non-toxic, contains no phenols, lead, mercury , chromium or asbestos compunds & solvents.

SPONTEX Wall Satin Interior Emulsion

Spontex Wall Satin Acrylic Emulsion is a high performance, washable interior finish based on 100% Pure Acrylic emulsion with silicone, light fast inorganic pigments, world class biocides and algaecides, surfactants etc. It protects against alkali and U.V. degradation and withstands extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity & heat. It's elastomeric nature with excellent bonding takes on minor structural movements to protect against cracking and flaking. It has a natural gloss making your interiors bright and happy.

Packing: 1Ltr, 4Ltr, 10Ltr, 20Ltr.

SPONTEX Water Thinnable Primer

Spontex Water Thinnable Primer is a water-based undercoat and has the following product benefits:
a) A good adhesion for the entire paint system
thereby increasing the life of the system
b) Good whiteness, coverage and flow and levelling properties
c) Good sealing properties which ensure a smooth deposition of the paint film
d) Environment friendly, contains no added lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic

Packing: 1Ltr, 4Ltr, 10Ltr, 20Ltr.

SPONTEX Exterior Emulsion

Spontex Exterior Plastic Emulsion is based on acrylic emulsion, inorganic pigments, biocides, surfactants etc. It is value for money exterior/interior paint which effectively protects against elements of nature. It has good resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering. Protects well from algae and fungus and is widely used for protection in non-coastal areas and places with dry to moderate climates.

Packing: 1Ltr, 4Ltr, 10Ltr, 20Ltr

GOLDLINE Sand Textured Exterior Matt

It is a high performance, tough, waterproof, decorative sand textured matt wall finish to protect building exteriors from the extreme climatic conditions. A unique formula based on acrylic medium with silicone resist fungus, algae and mould growth. Especially recommended for coastal areas and industrial belts to protect from chemical pollutants.

Coverage: 3 to 4 sq. mts. per litre for 2 coats depending on the porosity and texture of the surface.

Packing: 1 litre, 4 litres & 20 litres.

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